6 Easy Ways to Keep a Clutter-Free Office

Having papers and all sorts of stuff lying everywhere in your office can be distracting and inconveniencing, especially if you are trying to complete a tough project. More often, you will be forced to search through piles of papers or open more than one drawer to find a document or a tool you need to complete a task. While this might not directly impact the quality of your work, it can compromise your performance.

If you are having trouble tidying up your office because you have more to handle every day, here is a quick guide to a clutter-free office.

  1. Use a reachable trash can

It is easy to mix trash with valuable documents if you don’t have a trash can in your office. More often, papers will be scattered everywhere making it hard for you to distinguish between trash and useful documents. The first step in ensuring this does not happen is to have a trash can in your office. Also, make sure that the can is within your reach so that you don’t struggle getting rid of trash.

  1. Replace sticky notes with a notebook

If you are fond of using sticky notes more often, it is likely they are distracting you and making your workspace look disorganized. Even though sticky notes may help you remember a lot of things, they can be distracting. Instead of having sticky notes everywhere, list everything you want to remember in one notebook or just a piece of paper. If you have to use a sticky note, you can create a plan of doing away with those whose dates have expired.

  1. Have a spot for incoming papers

One thing that will make your office look disorganized are papers lying everywhere. Reason being, it is easy to leave them anywhere in your office, whether it is on your desk or floor. If you receive a lot of papers in a day, it is important that you isolate a spot to place them so that they don’t mix with other documents that you are working on. To make this easier, have a tray on your desk to put them in. Also, ensure that you don’t place documents in any location apart from their designated spots.

  1. Arrange your desk

There is a lot that gets on to your desk every day, from pencils, pens, and erasers to staples and paper clips. If you don’t arrange your desk well, your office might seem limited. So, have some few containers to keep your pencils and other office supplies. If you have items that you don’t use more often, you can keep them in one of your drawers.

  1. Use your drawers and shelves properly

You can easily do away with a lot of papers if you have a lot of storage space in your drawers or shelves. You can transfer papers and books you don’t use daily from your desk to your drawers. You can also install some shelves to place additional files and anything that lies around in your office. However, it is important that you name the drawers and shelves so as not to forget where you place your items.

  1. Arrange your desk before you live

You don’t want people knowing how disorganized your office can get regardless of how busy you are. You also don’t want your boss coming to a conclusion that you are just a naturally untidy person. Before you leave your office, make sure that you’ve kept everything in its place. Also, do away with unnecessary items on your floors and desk. You can use some 10 minutes before you leave your office.

Bonus tips

  • Don’t keep papers that you are not using. Throw them into your trash can.
  • Make sure you are printing only an email, a memo or a report that you are going to use.
  • Create a cleaning routine. It can be once or twice in a week, but make sure you’ve arranged your office well.
  • Get rid of trash immediately you see it. Don’t wait until it is time to leave your office to clear any trash on your floor or desk.

The takeaways

One fact is, working in a disorganized space can be stressful, especially if you have a lot to handle in one day. The last thing you need is, going through piles of papers or opening one drawer at a time to find a document you are required to submit in a few minutes. So, keep your office clean, make sure that everything is in its place and most importantly, apply these tips regardless of which rooms. To make your kitchen life a pleasant one, consider reading this metabolic cooking review. You will thank me later!